Chinese Garlic Broccoli

One of the things I miss most about working full time as a fashion designer is the travel. I am blessed to have worked in an industry that took me to many places around the world and offered me the opportunity to sample some weird and wonderful things to eat. Do I miss the jet lag, hell no! But I do miss the food. One of my favourite dishes from China that I love to cook at home is Chinese Garlic Broccoli. I couldn’t leave the city of Wuxi without having at least three helpings of this simple and delicious dish. And, as a bonus it’s got an impressive nutritional profile being high in fibre, potassium, Vitamin C, B6 and A!


What you’ll need: Serves 2 (or just one if it’s for me)

  • 200g long stemmed broccoli
  • two cloves of garlic sliced finely
  • 2 tablespoons of sesame oil (I like to use the pure sesame oil from the Asian market for this dish but you can use toasted sesame oil too)
  • a splash of soy sauce (or tamari for a gluten free version)
  • some toasted sesame seeds for serving


Toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan and set aside to cool. Place a wok over a gentle heat and cook the garlic briefly in the sesame oil. You just want to soften the garlic, you don’t want it to go brown. Turn the heat up a little and add the broccoli that’s still wet from washing. Cook on a high heat tossing the broccoli constantly, the wok should be making a sizzling sound. Add a splash of water to help steam the broccoli. When the liquid is reducing and the broccoli is a bright green colour lower the heat and add a splash of soy sauce or tamari. Give the broccoli a good toss. Remove from the wok and sprinkle with the toasted sesame seeds.


Share and enjoy!

If you try this dish at home please take a photo of it and tag @thetinyvegankitchen on Instagram or @thetinyVK on Twitter I’d love to see them xTx

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