Hi! Welcome to The Tiny Vegan Kitchen.

I’m Tanya, I’m a Fashion and Homewares Designer and Art Educator by profession and when I’m not working, hitting music gigs or travelling, I love nothing more than to cook in my tiny kitchen. I’ve been a vegan since my almost overnight transition at the beginning of 2014. I love to eat and eat well! I also completely love hangin’ out with my two adorably crazy canine best pals, Bo and Bainne! xxx

Since changing my diet I’ve not only noticed how much healthier I feel and look but I’ve also found myself on a continuously enlightening journey exploring food that’s healthy, exciting and satisfyingly tasty. I want my blog to be about sharing delicious recipes and food ideas. As most of my vegan recipes are naturally healthy I’ve found myself on a path of great change towards an overall healthier way of being. However, The Tiny Vegan Kitchen is not about what’s missing, it’s more about celebrating the array of ingredients that are available to us to create and enjoy delicious food. So what sort of recipes can you expect here? I love a hearty meal and throughout this blog I call on the cuisines of countries that I’ve visited to provide the inspiration for some of my recipes.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and enjoy mixing and experimenting with some of the recipes and ingredients on my blog.

Love Tanya x


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