Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco

When I was asked to be part of Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco, to help promote the fresh and healthy plant based produce that’s easily available from Tesco, of course, I was delighted. The first thing I thought was that this campaign will help answer “that” question that Vegan’s are asked all of the time; “So, what do you eat?” Well, check out Derek Sarno’s  BBQ ‘shroom buns recipe and there you’ll find your answer. It is not difficult to eat a balanced plant based diet and I’m so excited to see Tesco promote and support the Vegan community with this campaign, showing that it’s not only easy but also inexpensive.


As you’ll read in the “about me” on my blog, my reasons for starting this diary of recipes was to share and celebrate the array of amazing ingredients that are available to us to create delicious food. Watching Derek’s video and hearing him echo that same sentiment is inspiring. Plant based recipes are not about what’s missing; they’re highly creative, sustainable and so simple and quick to make. Not forgetting how ridiculously tasty they can be too.


Mushrooms are one of my favourite ingredients and there are so many varieties available. I particularly like the wild mushroom selection available from Tesco for a risotto, their shitake mushrooms for Asian inspired recipes and, like Derek’s recipe, the portobello and chestnut mushrooms provide that umami-packed meaty bite.

Derek’s BBQ Shroom Buns recipe will delight any guest you have at a summer BBQ. That barbeque sauce with the delicate hint of cumin and smoked paprika in the background is set off with the tiniest hint of rosemary. This meaty dish is full of flavour and is so simple to make. Full bellies and empty plates all round after this treat, I guarantee it. So why not brighten your life with some plant based meals #everylittlehelps .

For this recipe click here


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Tanya x